Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs - News from Brightkidz

We can learn a lot from other countries. So this week Brightkidz are in Greece for the Global Alliance of Road Safety NGOs meeting. Active travel and road safety concerns are not just being addressed by us all in the UK... there is plenty of good practice and ideas in other parts of the world from which we can learn too.

A big focus this morning was on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and how what we do in road safety and active travel touches on more of them than you may realise.

Of course we took #Bunnytravels our mascot for promoting public transport for children and enjoyed some photo opportunities with others who, like us, work in road safety not-for-profit organisations from many different countries... Argentina, Russia, Sierra Leone, Albania, Philippines, Ireland, Uzbekistan and even England (hello Mary from Brake)!

We’ll be passing on plenty of ideas from this over the next few weeks. Also please get in touch if you know any schools interested in being ‘active travel digital connect pals’ with schools in any other countries. To see all our reports and blogs just make sure you are signed up to our enewsletter Bright News:



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