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Team Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards 2023

Every Team Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Award presented is a win for our industry, and a win for people living, working, studying and visiting the UK. It’s so important for everyone to share their success and have others do the same, it builds public and political support, makes a case for continued funding and policy change for sustainable travel.

Ross Butcher National Chair of Modeshift

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This award recognises and celebrates the efforts being made by individuals and groups to work in partnership with education providers, businesses and community groups, to promote and encourage active and sustainable travel.

Winner: Chrisp Street Community Cycles – Sustrans, Hubbub, Poplar HARCA

Chrisp Street Community Cycles is a community cycle hub, within Chrisp Street Market in Poplar, East London. The vision was to create a safe and encouraging environment where those least represented in cycling (women of colour and their families) are provided with tools and support needed to start cycling for leisure and transport.  The success of the cycle hub was achieved due to a collective effort from all partners.  Over 1,400 residents visited the hub to talk about cycling and 445 participants were involved in activities. 67% said they felt more confident cycling, with one participant saying: “Biking leaves me glowing from within. I feel my face hurt because i smile so much. I can’t tell you what a huge achievement this is for me. Now I can go biking with my children which I have always aspired to do but never been able to”


  • King Street Safer Cycleway Accessible Engagement – Project Centre, London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Transport for All
  • Making Connections – Birmingham City Council, Iconic Productions and Grand Union, Colmore BID
  • Dockless cycle hire provision – Islington Council, Tier, Human Forest and Lime

This award recognises budget busting projects and initiatives that have cost less than £1,000. Nominations will be accepted from organisations that have made a contribution of less than £1,000 to deliver a successful sustainable travel project or initiative.  Any ‘payment in kind’, sponsorship or other financial contribution could be used to ‘start up’ the project and does not need to be included in the £1,000. However, the contribution will need to be detailed in the nomination and must show how the project will be sustained without the additional support.

Winner: Clean Air Awareness delivery for primary schools – Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

The Clean Air Awareness initiative was developed as part of Solihull’s commitment to improve air quality and reduce net carbon emissions. It raises the whole school’s awareness whilst also targeting Y5, an age group chosen as they are becoming increasingly independent and aware of their actions.  During the first year, the initiative was offered to schools that either had School Streets and/or a current Travel Plan as a way of supporting them. 15 schools were offered the sessions, and 11 took up the offer. 10 assemblies were delivered reaching approx. 4,000 children and 13 Y5 sessions reaching approx. 390 children. Schools were positive about the deliveries and some schools went on to run their own anti-idling campaigns as a result.


  • Cycle Route Video – City of York Council
  • All About the Bike – Islington Council

This award recognises projects and initiatives for business travel, developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage active and sustainable travel. Projects can include those that involve multi-stranded elements of sustainable travel, e.g. Green Travel Weeks.

Winner: Getting To Work Fosse Park Project – GO Travel Solutions

Having written the Workplace Travel Plan for Fosse Park, GO Travel Solutions have gone on to implement a range of initiatives to encourage positive results under the brand ‘Getting To Work’. Funded by a Section 106 agreement as part of the Fosse Park Sustainable Travel Strategy, it offers free bus tickets, subsidised e-bike subscriptions, Dr Bike events and a range of sustainable travel discounts via the SmartGO platform. We continue to foster positive change and promote low-carbon commuting practices with the recent implementation of a staff ‘Active Travel Hub’ with enhanced facilities for walkers and cyclists, which includes showers, lockers and changing rooms launched in July 2023 as well as two new bike storage cages. The 2022 Staff Travel Survey revealed that SOV commuting decreased by 15%, while bus use has doubled from 11% to 23% since 2018. These positive outcomes are a result of the diverse Getting To Work sustainable travel initiatives delivered with collaborated efforts from Leicestershire County Council, Blaby District Council, and Arriva.  By July 2023, 41 retailers have shown their commitment to promoting sustainable travel among their staff by signing the GTW pledge, representing the vast majority of site headcount.


  • Islington Shared Use Cargo Bikes – Islington Council
  • Smarter Travel for Essex Network (STEN) – Essex County Council
  • Employment Outreach Team – Transport for West Midlands

This award recognises projects and initiatives for travel in communities, developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage active and sustainable travel. Projects can include those that involve multi-stranded elements of sustainable travel, e.g. Green Travel Weeks.

Winner: All roads lead from home – Essex County Council

Moving home is a key opportunity to change travel behaviours and Essex County Council (ECC) created an innovative intervention that bridges the gap for residents of developments that find themselves with a brand new postcode that isn’t yet recognised on mapping tools. We worked in partnership with You. Smart. Thing. (YST) to trial a journey planning tool for 10 new residential sites, aiming to encourage door-to-door sustainable trips. Site plans were overlayed into YST’s mapping and the system was configured to create a mode hierarchy, ensuring residents see the most sustainable routes first. Essex specific transport options were also incorporated, including Demand Responsive Transport and E-scooters. The tool caters to different abilities and preferences and provides real-time updates. Marketing materials with QR codes were created and distributed for all trial sites, so that residents could scan using mobile devices and start their journey plan straight from their front door.


  • Junior Citizens Haringey, PC Graham Bell – Metropolitan Police, Haringey and 35 schools
  • King Street Safer Cycleway Accessible Engagement – Project Centre
  • Get Walking Wichelstowe Magazine – Swindon Borough Council, Wichelstowe LLP

This award recognises projects and initiatives for travel to and between education providers, developed by individuals and groups to promote and encourage sustainable travel. Projects can include those that involve multi-stranded elements of sustainable travel, e.g. Green Travel Weeks.

Winner: Mission Transition – Haringey Council’s Smarter Travel Team

Mission Transition is a competition set to encourage year 6 students to practice planning and researching journeys. The questions are set out to engage them into research places that could interest them and link the journey planning to exciting and educational journeys.   The questions are set to cover research of various places they could know about or could learn about. They encourage journey planning and research. This competition is Haringey only and is free to enter. They can complete this in school with their form group, or send in individual entries.  There is a stipulation that it is only open to Haringey students who are starting year 7 in this particular year. Their current school must be listed and their prospective secondary school.  The winner returns to their primary to receive the prize from a VIP from Haringey. This is printed & sent to every Haringey primary school, approximately 3000 students, along with lesson plan, maps and Moving Up magazine.


  • The Bicycle Bus
  • Be Cool Birtley – Gateshead Council and Living Streets
  • Walk with Wheels Week (WWW) – Hampshire County Council

This award recognises teams that have made a significant contribution to sustainable travel locally or nationally.

Winner: Getting to Work staff travel campaign, The HUTH Travel Team – Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust (HUTH)

HUTH achieved a very impressive 13.5% reduction in the number of staff (c.10,000 staff in total) driving to and from work in the space of a year. This result was made possible through the exemplary teamwork shown across the trust (and with external partners) to build an environment which supported modal shift.

NHS organisations face many conflicting pressures to ensure that patients receive the very best possible treatment. The importance of a well-managed travel and transport solution for staff and patients can sometimes be overlooked. It is testament to the HUTH leads across Fleet, HR, Staff Wellbeing, Sustainability and Transport that they recognised that delivering modal shift supports not only the NHS’s Net Zero ambitions, but also improves air quality in the hospital settings and aids staff health and wellbeing and took action accordingly.


  • Influencing Travel Behaviour Team – Leeds City Council
  • South Gloucestershire Council Road Safety & Sustainable Travel Team – South Gloucestershire Council
  • The Bikeability Trust Team – The Bikeability Trust

This award recognises projects and initiatives developed by any Team Modeshift member, be that an individual, team, or organisation within education, business, or community settings, to promote and encourage active travel.  Projects can include all active travel modes including walking, cycling, and scooting.

Winner: Angela Manore (Sholing Junior School and Hampshire County Council School Travel Planning Officer) – Southampton City Council and Hampshire County Council

Angela was the School Travel Champion at Sholing Junior in Southampton for 7 years from 2016 -2023. In that time, her dedication and passion for active travel and improving air quality helped Sholing Junior School to receive a Platinum STARS award. Along the way, Sholing Junior won LA school of the year most years and also won Regional STARS School of the Year 3 times! Angela worked tirelessly to ensure active travel was a hot topic at the school through constant communications to parents, staff and pupils about events, initiatives, campaigns and road safety. It also helps setting up a Junior Travel Ambassador group and having 40+ JTAs to drum home the messaging! Angela works 2 days a week for Hampshire County Council’s School Travel Planning team and brings years of best practice + experience to HCC schools. She will soon be working full time for HCC motivating and inspiring schools with active travel! She is a huge loss for Sholing Junior but a huge gain for travel planning in Hants.


  • Ferry Lane Primary School’s Pelegia Electheriades – Haringey Council
  • £300 E-bike Voucher Scheme – Leicestershire County Council
  • Leicester Park and Stride programme – Living Streets

This award recognises specific e-mobility projects and initiatives delivered within an organisation or by a local authority over the last 12 months.  The project or initiative will have focused primarily on seeking to increase the role of e-mobility on a regular journey, either between sites during the working day, or to and from a site as part of a regular journey.  This journey will have been undertaken by employees, students, customers, visitors, or another identified group of service users.

Winner: Voi and University of Cambridge Travel at Work Pilot – University of Cambridge and Voi

The University of Cambridge operates a fleet of over 80 pool bikes for travel between sites within Cambridge. The costs to provide the bikes, maintain them in good condition and store them securely is relatively high, as well as the staff time involved in charging e bike batteries and managing the bookings and maintenance. The University engaged with Voi to develop a system whereby University staff could use Voi machines that are deployed in the city anyway, close to University buildings. Voi are responsible for maintaining the machines, recharging them and ensuring they are balanced across geographic locations. Through the bulk purchase of codes and placing them on the University’s room booking platform a method has been developed for staff to easily get access to the machines and use them for free. Initially five Departments signed up, and then the concept was rolled out across the entire University. Health and safety, insurance and liability issues have all been worked through.


  • Environment & Climate Change -cargo bike scheme – London Borough of Islington
  • “Making cycling e-asier” E-cycle loans scheme – Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust / Cycling UK

Team Modeshift Outstanding Achievement Award

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Team Modeshift Outstanding Achievement Award

Paul McConnon

East Riding of Yorkshire Council

Team Modeshift Outstanding Achievement Award

Heather Bolton

Telford & Wrekin Council

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