After 9-years and 4-years respectively, James Hardie and Cathie Friar are retiring from the Modeshift Delivery Team this Spring

James and Cathie have both been instrumental in developing the Modeshift STARS schemes and supporting Members with using the STARS system during their time with Modeshift. Both previously worked for local authorities, James at Luton Council, and Cathie at the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, as users of Modeshift STARS, before making the leap to Modeshift to help us further develop our services.

Since 2015 James has played a key role in developing the Modeshift STARS system and overseeing the transition from the original STARS website to the single system that we now have in place for all types of Travel Plans. Over this time the developments that James has overseen have enabled STARS to grow massively with an average of 1,200 unique logins a day, up from double digits in the early days.

James Hardie

After a number of years supporting schools in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Cathie attempted to retire from the Council in 2020, only for Modeshift to convince her to come and work for us a few weeks later. There are not enough words to describe the impact that she has had over the years both locally and nationally. Always going above and beyond, Cathie has been a fundamental part of our team as we’ve grown, providing a constant source of guidance and inspiration, not just to Modeshift colleagues, but Modeshift Members across the country.


Cathie Friar







Please join us in wishing James and Cathie all the very best as they move on from the Modeshift Delivery Team. They will forever and always be a part of #TeamModeshift.

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