Andy sits by ambulance wearing his green paramedic uniform, smiling at the camera

E-cycle trial set to run across primary care sites in Yorkshire seeks to strengthen links with the community and lower local air pollution

An e-cycle trial project is aiming to embed pool e-bikes into GP surgeries for health care professionals to use for business miles such as home visits, or visits to patients in care homes.

The man behind the project is Andy West, a Paramedic from Southwestern Ambulance NHS Trust is currently seconded to Greener NHS (GNHS) as Chief Sustainability Officer’s Clinical Fellow.

Here, Andy tells us more about his project and how last year’s #TeamModeshift Convention gave him a boost to get the project going:

‘The idea was born from personal experience of working within primary care as a visiting paramedic to patients acutely or chronically unwell or immobile to come to surgery. I learned that a major contributory factor of many diseases I was assessing and treating was inactivity and air pollution and I wanted to demonstrate a different way to approach the problem.

Cycling to the patient, opens the conversation about how active travel can improve health at any age and how replacing a car for a bike is beneficial not only for the planet but local air pollution is improved, the roads are less congested etc..

The Modeshift Convention validated my own beliefs and strengthened my resolve to continue to advocate for active travel. Engaging with key speakers and networking there has opened opportunities for me to progress the project.

I presented the project concept to my Net Zero Senior Programme Manager and Clinical Mentor. Both had strong links with primary care and introduced me to key clinicians who engaged with me. Additionally, I liaised with public health consultants who work within local authorities who provided insight into the direction of travel needed.

Each practice signed up to the scheme falls to a different local authority, each has an active travel hub provider, except for Sheffield where Cycling UK are providing the e-bikes.

Sites involved to date

The trial duration is between 4-12 weeks. Going forward I would envisage targeting further GP surgeries and urgent care providers and Yorkshire ambulance service too.’

We’ll catch up with Andy and bring you more on how the project progresses.

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