Heathrow Airport’s Way2Go app programme, built by BetterPoints, helps reduce CO2 emissions from staff commuting to support the airport’s Surface Access Strategy and Net Zero Plan.

In a four-month pilot, employees of Heathrow Airport Limited, Border Force and World Duty Free could download the free app and earn Way2Go Points for walking, cycling, car-sharing and using public transport for their commutes.

Overall, 3,500 kg of CO2 were avoided.

During the pilot, targeted interventions encouraged people to drive less and use specific bus routes more. These resulted in 40% fewer car commutes by regular drivers, and bus journeys along the targeted routes increasing by more than 300 per cent.

The 2023 pilot resulted in a twelve-month programme for 2024, which launched in January.

Find out more about the Airports Way2Go app programme and how it worked.


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