Team Modeshift Honorary Members

We are the leading membership organisation for sustainable travel practitioners. Each year we recognise individuals for their contribution to our organisation and the wider field of sustainable travel.

Team Modeshift

A Member of Team Modeshift is essentially any individual who in some way has an impact on how people choose to travel. Our industry makes a difference to so many key issues that the World faces today, by tackling climate change, improving Air Quality, increasing levels of physical activity, improving road safety, reducing congestion, boosting health and well-being, providing equal opportunities, and many more.

Team Modeshift’s combined expertise, experience and passion means that we can, and will achieve our aims if we work together.

Team Modeshift Honorary Members:

  • Increase levels of sustainable travel
  • Support Modeshift’s position as a centre of excellence for sustainable travel best practice
  • Support the growth of our organisation – encouraging members, businesses, schools and communities to join us

Members are announced at our National Sustainable Travel Awards and receive a certificate and logo

Guidance on how to nominate a member is shared on our social media channels and in our newsletter – Modeshift Matters.

If you have any questions, contact

Honorary Members List

  • Tyler Linton. London Borough of Hackney
  • Sarah McAlinden. Next PLC
  • Paul McConnon. East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Martin Day, London Borough of Havering
  • Sarah Fay, PWLC Projects
  • Claire Fleming, Swindon Borough Council
  • Anne Hardy, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Helen Harris, Hampshire County Council
  • Carla Leowe, Westminster City Council
  • Michael Reardon, Derbyshire County Council
  • Jan Robinson, Cyclepods
  • Jennifer Wiles, Living Streets

  • Chris Bennett, Sustrans
  • Rob Bounds, Derbyshire County Council
  • Lindsey Coates, PWLC Projects LLP
  • Jane Deeley, Wiltshire Council
  • Vicki Franks, Leeds City Council
  • Louise French, Bromley Council
  • Steve Glazebrook , Joju
  • Sarah Grattage, Stoke-on-Trent City Council
  • Kathryn Harrison, Sheffield City Council
  • Maria Heaman, Pindar Creative
  • Nicholas Hill, Essex County Council
  • Alison Holland, Brightkidz
  • Barbara Magloire, Department for Transport
  • Janine McCretton, Bristol City Council
  • Rosemary Mullen, Cambridgeshire County Council
  • Susan O’Brien, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Camilla Olofsson, Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • Sharon Payne, Suffolk County Council
  • Mandi Slater, Birmingham City Council
  • Suzy Smith, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Wendy Thorogood, Haringey Council
  • Chris Tsielepi, Cyclepods Limited
  • Joe Green, Birmingham City Council
  • Steve Wigley, East Riding of Yorkshire Council
  • Carol Thomas, Luton Borough Council
  • John Billington, Room9media
  • David Elliot, Histrionics
  • Peter McCarthy, David Richards
  • Steve Moody, David Richards
  • Adam Walker, Hubspoke
  • Alex McHardy, Living Streets
  • Stephen Edwards, Living Streets
  • Faith Coles, Project Centre
  • Anuschka Evans, Style Brands
  • Sam Robinson, Love to Ride
  • Phillip Darnton OBE, Bicycle Association
  • James Hardie, Modeshift
  • Cathie Friar, Modeshift
  • Jen Holden, Department for Transport
  • Jack Windle, BetterPoints
  • Elle Blackman, Cyclepods Ltd
  • Charlotte Secker, Central Bedfordshire
  • Lynne Howard, Surrey County Council
  • Chi Ming Lai, Hertfordshire County Council
  • Helen Collinson, London Borough of Ealing
  • Rebecca Dengler – Jones, Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Iona Rogulski, Kent County Council
  • Nick Chamberlin, Active Travel England
  • Emily Cherry, The Bikeability Trust
  • Ellie Caton, Buckinghamshire County Council
  • Jon Foley, In the Round
  • Chris Ward, Ipswich Borough Council
  • Gill Hunt, Transport for West Midlands
  • Denise Adolphe, London Borough of Haringey
  • David Shannon, London Borough of Islington
  • Nicky Batkin, London Borough of Ealing

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