The Loud Mobility team. Three people gather around an electric bike. Wearing bright pink, green and blue clothes. The background has a wall of colourful graffiti.

Georgia Yexley, Angie Lawuyi and Caz Conneller

She’s Electric! Inspiring and enabling more women to use e-bikes and e-cargo bikes as their mode of transport

Guest post: Caz Conneller – Director of Community & Culture at Loud Mobility and Creator of The She’s Electric Campaign will join us at the Modeshift TravelWise and STARS Business Conference (19 March, London).

She’s Electric,’ is a radical national behaviour change campaign to inspire and enable more women to ride an electric bike as their mode of transport.

Last year the social enterprise committed to sustainable inclusive transport and diversity Loud Mobility announced its acquisition of Caz’s cycling e-commerce business Cyclechic. ‘She’s Electric’ began as an awareness campaign on the Cyclechic platforms and aims to reach one million women across the nation, by the end of 2024.

Here Caz tells us a little more about She’s Electric and what we can expect to hear in her presentation at the Modeshift TravelWise and STARS Business Conference:

Caz Conneller poses with e-bike with little girl wearing a yellow dress seated in child seat at the back of the bike. Residential street in the back ground with house and bushes surrounding.

‘I’m excited to join #TeamModest and bring an outline of the She’s Electric engagement and intervention programme for Local Authorities and any other organisation wanting to enable more women to travel sustainably.

She’s Electric is about changing women’s perceptions of what an electric cycle is, showing them that it’s a useful, accessible tool for all.

Through case studies from our ‘She’s Electric Role Models’ I’ll show how e -bikes, and e-cargo bikes, can support women and help them overcome barriers.

Loud Mobility’s research shows that e-cycles help women overcome many of the barriers to cycling. They are easier/more comfortable to ride. They feel safer. You don’t get hot and sweaty and it’s easier to carry children and belongings. An e-bike is more of a practical vehicle for women than a regular bike.

This is backed up by wider research: A 2022 survey by Sustrans found that 83% of women in the UK reported feeling more confident and empowered after riding an e-bike.

She’s Electric is needed because this is not widely known and there is a huge amount of potential to help more women cycle if the benefits of electric bikes are communicated effectively and a supportive pathway is provided for women.

We’re grabbing this opportunity to inspire and support more women to make the change to more sustainable, joyful journeys!

Caz Conneller helps woman trialing an e-bike at pilot event. Green field with tents and people in the background.

London Launching

A big part of She’s Electric is giving women a chance to try a range of e-bikes in a safe, welcoming environment. And at our pilot events in Kent 100% of the women who took part in the test-ride experience said they would be more likely to ride an e-bike after the event.

Earthfest, 18 – 21 April 2024.

We have specifically chosen a non-cycling event as the launch of the She’s Electric’s events programme. Our goal is to move away from traditional cycling audiences and appeal to a fresh demographic. And we couldn’t think of a better place to launch than the vibrant Granary square!’

We can’t wait to welcome Caz to the Conference and hear more about ways #TeamModeshift can collaborate to create more impact and reach more women.



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