Our Commitment to Equality and Diversity

Our vision

Modeshift represents and supports sustainable travel practitioners, from a range of areas, who work to promote and enable safe, active and sustainable travel for education and employment with the longer-term aim of engendering wider travel behaviour change.

Our vision is for an efficient and coherent transport system that can support economic growth, improved health, cleaner air, safer streets and improved quality of life in our communities.

We want everyone to feel able to join us on that journey, no matter what their background, age or ability.


Our values

Our values define the way we want to work and what we appreciate in our colleagues, partners and communities we serve.

We believe living these values will deliver results in helping everyone make active, sustainable and safe journeys.


Respect – We are committed to a culture and environment of inclusion, which encompasses dignity, courtesy, respect and consideration for all.

We recognise we are all responsible for our working environment, and therefore each of us should respect differences to support environments free from harassment, bullying, unlawful discrimination and victimisation that show dignity and respect for all.


Positive – We are passionate about our vision and the work our practitioners undertake.

We celebrate and share the achievements of our colleagues and partners.

We are prepared to be creative in what we do and how we do it to ensure we are as inclusive as possible.


United – We work collaboratively, with a common purpose.

We are cooperative and constructive engaging with others to listen to what they have to say.


Expert – We value expertise and seek to share best practice with others.

We want to foster innovation, to find solutions that deliver quicker, smarter results.


Focused – We have a clear direction.

We are committed to succeeding and to making a difference.


Our EDI action plan can be viewed here.

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