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If your organisation is not a member or partner of Modeshift, then please select Apply for membership form. Once your form has been approved by Modeshift we will register your company within the Modeshift system.

Register as individual
If your organisation is a member, then select Register for new members above to register to the Modeshift system. It only takes two minutes.

If you are a school or business creating, developing and implementing Travel Plans, you should visit the STARS website.

Manual for Members
We’ve created a guide for our members. Members Manual – this page will take you through steps after successful registration.

Joining Modeshift

Membership of Modeshift is available to anyone with an interest in promoting sustainable, safe and active travel.

Local Authorities

Membership is open to all Local Authorities in England, Scotland and Wales. When a Local authority becomes a member of Modeshift they automatically have a voice in the direction of the organisation. This therefore gives the Local Authority voting rights and a say on how the organisation functions and how it is managed. LAs/cities/boroughs from other European and International countries can also join as members.

Profit/not for profit and Universities

Membership is also open to ‘other’ organisations including universities. Profit and not for profit organisations can also apply to become partners of Modeshift. More details can be found in the application forms below. All forms will be assessed and you may be required to provide more information. In some cases Modeshift can refuse applications.



To state your interest in becoming a partner of Modeshift please email the chair of Modeshift at

Membership fees

We offer membership for Local Authorities, individuals, profit and not for profit organisations as well as other membership organisations and educational establishments. Membership fees are agreed at the Annual General Meeting.

The Membership year is April 1st to March 31st.

To Join Modeshift:

Request and complete one of the membership forms and send to

Upon processing of your application an invoice will then be sent to your organisation or LA for payment. If your organisation or LA is new to Modeshift you will then need to register online to gain access to the website.

The Management Board

Modeshift is led by a management board of twelve voluntary members who are transport practitioners and leaders in the field of sustainable travel.

The Management Board includes a Chairperson, Vice-Chair, Treasurer,  Comms Officer, Best Practice Officer and seven Regional Representatives.

Membership to Modeshift offers a range of benefits both to organisations and individuals. These include;

  • Access to the Modeshift website with unlimited registrations for each organisation.
  • Access to national best practice, ideas, resources and forum
  • Weekly news feeds with updates and job posts
  • Free job posting
  • Access to up to date national policy news and guidance
  • Regional support contact
  • Regional meetings – with national and local updates and best practice sharing
  • At least one space at the national convention including overnight accommodation and all catering
  • Entitlement to apply to the national sustainable travel awards
  • Entitlement to sign up to Modeshift STARS Business and/or Education
  • Discounted Modeshift training

For a copy of our Business Case, with details of the benefits of membership email

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