School children across the country gathered at the prestigious Modeshift STARS National School Travel Awards.  The celebration event took place on Wednesday 20 March in a grand venue in Central London close to the capitals iconic landmarks.    

The annual awards ceremony recognises schools that have demonstrated excellence in growing levels of walking, wheeling and other forms of sustainable and active travel within their school community.

Students joined industry experts at the event having been shortlisted as ‘Modeshift STARS Regional Schools of the Year’ for their respective areas. They have proven themselves to be at the forefront of our collective effort to encourage more young people and their families to adopt healthy and sustainable forms of travel.

The Modeshift STARS 2023/24 National School Travel Award winners are:

National STARS Early Years Establishment of the Year 2023/24

  • Natural Choice Nursery – Giggles

This nursery school have climbed up the accreditation ladder since September 2021 when they achieved their approved level shortly followed by their Good and last year achieving their Very Good accreditation.   Modal shift graphs show a steady increase in walking over the last 3 years from 51.27% up to 65.71% as well as a decrease in children being driven to school from 38.46% to 31.43%.

Their initiatives include promoting anti idling messages and supporting Clean Air Day as well as setting up a Park and Stride scheme, supported by posters and reward stickers for the children.

There are 42 pupils in school ranging from 0-5 yrs supported by 19 full and part time staff.

National STARS SEND School of the Year 2023/24

  • Queensbury School

Queensbury school have been involved in Modeshift STARS for over 6 years now. The school have a dedicated school bus which is used by over 70% of pupils for their school journey and car use/car share has stayed low, below 18%, for the last 4 years.

The school pride themselves on supporting their students independent travel skills and promote road safety messages as well as promoting and encouraging walking, scooting and cycling as modes of travel to and from school.

There are 214 pupils in school ranging from 11-16 yrs supported by 103 full and part time staff.

National STARS Primary School of the Year 2023/24

  • Packmoor Ormiston Academy

Packmoor Ormston Academy have been involved in Modeshift STARS since 2016 and have been recording travel patterns for 7 years now. They have completed over 40 travel and supporting initiatives and have achieved their aim of embedding Modeshift STARS into daily school life.  The school have seen consistent low levels of car use and high levels of sustainable and active travel modes of transport.  The park and stride facilities utilised by the school are well used to accommodate those parents who do drive for the school journey.  33% of children travel by more active and sustainable modes while over 50% of children travel by park and stride or public transport for the school journey.

There are 431 pupils in school ranging from 3-11yrs supported by 67 full and part time staff.

National STARS Secondary School of the Year 2023/24

  • Katherine Warington School

Katherine Warington school has been involved in Modeshift STARS for the last 5 years, achieving a reduction in car use over that period.  Travel surveys show that single car journeys have decreased from 22.63% to 14% over this period while more sustainable and active modes have stayed consistent and amber modes like bus and park and stride have gone up significantly from 48.86% to 58.24%.

The school have been particularly active with their Travel Plan Working Group, made up of pupils, school staff, Ward members and local authority officers.    A range of training programmes are offered to pupils including Bikeability and transition and independent travel initiatives delivered in partnership with Living Streets.

There are 930 pupils in school ranging from 11-18 years supported by 150 full, part time and volunteers.

The full list of finalists included:

Fawbert and Barnard Infants’ School

Packmoor Ormiston Academy

Allendale Primary School

Trosnant Schools Federation

Chew Stoke Church School

Malton Primary Academy

Katherine Warington

St Edward’s Church of England Academy

Thorpe House School

The Castle School

St Augustine’s Roman Catholic School, Scarborough

Highfield Littleport Academy

Queensbury School

Oak Lodge School

Warmley Park School

Applefields School

Slough Centre Nursery School

Natural Choice Nursery Giggles

Thank you to all the individuals and organisations who contribute to the success of Modeshift STARS!  Keep up the awesome work and continue to inspire us with your AMAZING campaigns, reaching accreditation success and impacting your communities with healthier, happier and greener commutes!

Find out more about our awards and how you can get involved STARS Awards – Modeshift STARS


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