About Modeshift

  • Established in 2007, Modeshift is a not for profit membership organisation
  • We support sustainable travel professionals and organisations from a range of areas to promote and grow levels of active and sustainable travel for businesses, education establishments and communities
  • We do this by offering services and opportunities to share and recognise best practice
  • We also provide a centre of excellence for Travel Planning and deliver the national Travel Plan accreditation scheme – Modeshift STARS


  • Modeshift’s vision is for a society in which active and sustainable travel is the preferred mode of transportation, creating  healthier spaces, healthier people and healthier communities.


  • To offer services to workplaces, schools and higher education establishments to support sustainable travel delivery
  • To celebrate and share best practice in the promotion of sustainable travel choices
  • To support long term investment in sustainable travel nationally, regionally and locally
  • To be recognised by practitioners as the leading sustainable travel membership organisation in the UK


Modeshift is led by a Management Board of twelve voluntary members who are transport practitioners and leaders in the field of sustainable travel.

The Management Board includes a Chairperson, Treasurer and Representatives for Comms, Best Practice, STARS Business, STARS Education and for 7 Regions.

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