We are delighted to introduce our new Modeshift Corporate Premium Member, Smart Transport Hub and share some of their exciting work.


What’s your best product or service and why?

Smart Lenz.

The importance of good data is often overlooked, but if you have the right data to back up your scheme it can make a huge difference to how successful delivery is, or whether you get that funding grant you’ve been after. Our Smart Lenz technology can support transport schemes and provide valuable data via our VECC sensor, which collects the data, and our online dashboard, where you can view and analyse the data in different forms.

The Smart Lenz VECC sensor collects transport data and can identify various classified groups such as cyclists, pedestrians, and motorised vehicles using Smart Lenz VECC sensor camera technology.

We developed our Smart Lenz online dashboard specifically for data management in monitoring and evaluating transport schemes. It offers a comprehensive array of analytical tools enabling automated and targeted analyses of the data collected by our VECC sensors and from historic/temporary surveys (e.g., ATC, MCC, etc.). Each specific analysis is presented in both tabular and graphical formats.

Get great data outputs in appealing visual formats that support your transport schemes.

What are you working on now and what’s next?

We’re working on a whole host of projects currently but are very excited to be involved in the end-to-end delivery of multiple School Streets schemes. With proven benefits including encouraging increased active travel to school, it’s great to see this initiative being rolled out to so many schools in different locations, and we’re really happy we can be an integral part of improving children’s health and wellbeing on the way to school. We’re involved from the design and feasibility stages all the way through to implementation and monitoring any traffic displacement.

Next we’re looking at perfecting our air quality monitoring service for School Streets so we can work with schools and local authorities to better understand the changes School Streets can make to pollution around the schools. We’re excited to be working with Imperial College London on building a robust methodology and looking at how we best use the data collected to provide relevant and useful outputs.

Contact Information

Website address : https://www.smartransport.co.uk/

Contact details 

29-33 Old St, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 9HL


0203 633 8618

For more information visit Smart Transport Hub – Modeshift – Sustainable Travel

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