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£101 million to boost cycling and walking nationwide. ATE announce funding for almost 70 miles of new walking and cycling routes, free e-cycle loans, new routes in National Parks & more.

Newly funded projects will provide even more people, especially in rural and deprived areas, the choice to travel by walking, wheeling or cycling.

Communities across England will benefit from £101 million of government funding for high-quality walking and cycling routes, improving the quality of local public engagement for new walking and cycling schemes, free e-cycle loans, expanding trials of side road zebra crossings and developing new active travel routes in National Parks, government agency Active Travel England (ATE) announced on (23 March 2024).

The new funding will enable local authorities to deliver walking and cycling schemes and dedicated funding has also been issued to help councils undertake proper consultation with local communities. Together, these measures will unlock sustainable transport options for millions more people across England and give people the choice to travel safely on foot or by cycle. It will particularly benefit people living in deprived or rural areas with almost half of funding going to deprived communities.

The schemes, funded by ATE, have been designed to benefit all communities, and local authorities will work closely with residents to ensure they are attractive and inclusive for all. Safety and accessibility are at the heart of the newly funded projects to give even more people the choice to travel by walking or cycling.

See how this will support your community:£101 million investment to boost cycling and walking nationwide – GOV.UK (

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