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Our Mission

We’re on a mission to make transport in the UK more sustainable. We help people and organisations to meet their travel needs in ways that support community well-being, protect and enhance the environment and improve public health.

We’re focused on building expertise and experience in travel behaviour change and transport demand management – by providing training and events, tools and resources, marketing support and collaborative partnerships.

We support UK organisations of all sizes seeking to shift away from single-occupancy car use and increase the uptake of walking, cycling, public transport and shared transport.

TravelWise Week – 2022

Act TravelWise helps provide co-ordinating assistance for TravelWise Week 2022.

TravelWise Week takes place from 16-22 September each year, culminating in the popular Car-Free Day on the 22nd Sept.

Local authorities and organisations are encouraged to use the main week to promote sustainable transport measures, promote new infrastructure and technologies, try out innovative planning measures and measure air quality, and also get feedback from the public.

The week-long campaign will be held at the same time as, and in co-operation with, European Mobility Week (EMW) – 16-22 September 2022.

You are invited to get involved – whether you represent a local authority, transport operator, business, university, health care provider or even just as an individual. It’s an opportunity to engage with the public and other partners broadly on the theme of transport and travel in a number of ways:

  1. encouraging modal shift and physical activity by offering various types of incentives (e.g. travel discounts, passes), support (e.g. PTP, cycle training), useful information (e.g. maps, timetables), education and motivation
  2. showcasing new or planned infrastructure improvements (e.g. new cycling/walking routes, pedestrian zones, public space enhancements, new cleaner buses)
  3. increasing awareness, support and momentum for local initiatives through face-to-face interaction

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