Have you renewed your Modeshift Membership?

As 2018 picks up pace, it is the time of year where we are asking you to renew your Local Authority Modeshift Membership. If you haven’t already done so, here’s a reminder of what is included in the Local Authority Membership.

What do you get as part of your Membership?

Emerging best practice in sustainable travel for your Local Authority officers through:

• Regional networking and information sharing meetings. Includes lunch and refreshments

• One free space at the National Modeshift Sustainable Convention.

- Includes accommodation and catering.

• Participation in the National Sustainable Travel Awards

• Weekly newsfeeds containing news articles, events, ideas, research and offers

• Information and advice support service (phone and email) for LA officers

• Online e-forum for sharing issues/questions/practice

• Online knowledge bank of materials, documents, case studies, presentations and policy


• Discounted and free products and services from Modeshifts partners

Professional development for your Local Authority officers through:

• Events and networking opportunities

How much does Modeshift Membership cost?

Modeshift Membership costs £399.00 per year (1st April until 31st March).

How is the membership fee decided?

The Modeshift Management board propose a number of membership options at the AGM for

members to vote on. Fees were increased in 2017/18 with no proposed changes until 2020/21.

What is Modeshift?

Modeshift is a national membership organisation that specialises in active and sustainable travel and provides behaviour change support for those working with all audiences. Modeshift also seeks to influence national debate, government policy and public opinion - and works with other

organisations to achieve common goals.


• To increase and support active and sustainable modes of travel journeys

• To support the provision of skills, training and knowledge to its members

Who owns Modeshift?

Local Authority members are all shareholders of Modeshift and have a say on the constitution that governs Modeshift as well as a vote on Modeshift’s delivery and members of the Management Board.

For more information regarding Modeshift Membership visit: www.modeshift.org.uk/membership

Please note

The deadline for Membership renewals is Friday 29th June.If your local authority is no longer a member of Modeshift we are required to revoke access to the Modeshift website and delete the individual user accounts for the Modeshift website as we no longer require this personal information.

We are doing this in accordance with our privacy policy ensuring that Modeshift adheres to GDPR legislation. Full information regarding our privacy policy is found at http://www.modeshift.org.uk/privacy-policy

If your local authority will like to take up Modeshift Membership after this date, your local authority just needs to visit http://www.modeshift.org.uk/membership and reapply for membership. At this point you will be able to re-register to the Modeshift Website and gain access to our membership benefits.



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