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Love to Ride are Bristol-based behaviour change experts that aim is to get more people on bikes, more often and for transport. They run a year-round calendar of events to do just that.

It's an approach that has achieved some remarkable results: 325,000 people and over 18,000 workplaces have taken part in Love to Ride programmes in twelve countries.

Typically, 40% of new riders who engage in their programmes go on to ride at least once a week and 43% of occasional riders start riding regularly.

Love to Ride works because it offers something for everyone, from sporty cyclists who can link Strava and automatically upload their rides, to occasional riders who are incentivised and empowered to try riding for transport.

New riders are given the information and advice they need to access confidence-boosting services and try riding socially with friends and colleagues.

See how Love to Ride works in their brand new video:

The next event of 2018 is Bike Week. From 9-17 June everyone across the UK can give the gift of cycling.

There will be daily prizes up for grabs, plus prizes for encouraging others, inspirational stories and great photographs.

It doesn't matter whether you ride to work, the shop or just around the block, so long as you log your rides.

There are plenty of amazing prizes up for grabs. Make sure to keep an eye on Cycling UK's Bike Week site for a bunch of events to help you get out on your bike this June.

Find out more at the Love to Ride and Bike Week websites.

Bike Week is a great opportunity for workplaces to build their teams for the main Love to Ride event, Cycle September, when the organisations with the highest percentage of staff riding in their size category will win, plus there will be amazing prizes for individuals and encouragers.

Based on behaviour change principles, Cycle September is fun and accessible for all, so participants only need to ride for ten minutes to contribute to their team’s score and they can ride anywhere, anytime during September. Individuals are also incentivised to take part with a whole range of prizes and rewards.

Employers love what Love to Ride do because it’s a free team-building exercise that’s a bit of fun in the workplace, but it also fosters a cycling community and helps unlock the benefits of a healthier, more active workforce.

The success of national Love to Ride events in places like New Zealand and the USA suggest that workplaces worldwide are waking up to the significant benefits they can reap by encouraging their staff to cycle.

People who commute by bike take half the sick leave of colleagues who use other modes of transport, plus organisations stand to gain from reduced need for parking and, through the Cycle to Work Scheme, lower National Insurance Contributions (individuals save between 25 and 39% on the cost of a bike and equipment for commuting).

It’s completely free for organisations where we are funded locally and comes with a modest cost for those that aren’t – email for more info.

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