Graphic for Celebration Of Bikeability Awards, Friday 17 November. A Bikeability instructor is central, with her back to the camera. She is holding two ‘thumbs up’ in the air with arms extended. In the background school children can be seen on their bikes. The text ‘WE ARE SUPPORTING’ is layered over the subject. The link is at the bottom.

We’re super excited to be supporting the Celebration Of Bikeability Awards! Our friends at Bikeability UK are honouring all the children of Bikeability, and the people that support them.

Bikeability are looking for inspirational individuals and outstanding organisations who embrace and inspire others to cycle.

Do you know a cycling someone worth celebrating?  Nominations are open until Sunday 29 October at midnight.

This year’s categories are:

Bikeability Instructor of the Year – Supported by Madison with a Park Tool SK4 Kit

Rising Star Award – Supported by Beryl with a Pixel light

Young Cyclist of the Year (Pete Rollings Award) – Supported by Frog Bikes with a lightweight children’s cycle

Family of the Year – Supported by Natwest Rooster Money to celebrate a super cycling family

School of the Year – Supported by GO Outdoors & Wild bikes with 3 x children’s cycles

Small Organisation of the Year – Supported by Flare with premium subscription for the whole team

Large Organisation of the Year – Supported by Decathlon with a £750 voucher

Personal Achievement Award – Supported by Squish with a product from Squish or Tandem Group Cycles

People’s Champion Award – Supported by GO Outdoors with a £100 voucher to spend on cycling

Lifetime Achievement Award


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