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Living Streets has published two new active travel maps as part of their Walking Works programme – an initiative that embeds the culture of walking into workplaces. The charity for everyday walking worked with East Sussex County Council and with local partnerships, Heart of Sidley and Sylvania Lighting, before commissioning Modeshift Partner Pindar Creative to create the maps.

Mapping can help commuters switch from car use by providing information about alternative modes of transport, such as walking, cycling, or public transport, and helping them plan their routes accordingly. A legible and accessible map enables people to make informed decisions on their mode of transport – enabling them to switch from car travel for all or part of their journey.

The maps of Newhaven and Sidley include information on commuting and local transport interchanges – and also include a number of leisure routes, encouraging employees to stay active before, during or after the working day. Living Streets Walking Works programme allows employers to demonstrate their commitment to employee health and wellbeing by investing in walking activities.

For the full article visit: Living Streets ‘Walking Works’ Active Travel Maps | News from Pindar Creative (Sustainable Travel Publicity Experts)

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