Tracy Barker smiling, wearing Modeshift branded tshirt

Tracy Barker

Position: Customer Support Officer

Year joined Modeshift:  November 2023

Career history: I have worked as a Fleet Manager for the last 15 years and my focus was on driver well-being and road safety. Keeping a Fleet of 650 vehicle moving was challenging at times and my aim was to get drivers to ‘rethink’ about their journey and whether it was always necessary to travel by car, especially with emerging technology available for online meetings and the benefits of using public transport. As a Fleet Manager I also introduced Electric Vehicles to the fleet and worked on strategic projects to reduce the number of road travel accidents to protect drivers, other road users and pedestrians.     

Why did you join Team Modeshift? I liked the ethos of Modeshift and was keen to join a company that makes a difference to people’s lives. Active lifestyle changes are key to both mental and physical well-being. Also, it was apparent from the start that the Modeshift Team were going to be a fun team to work with! 

Outside of Modeshift: Outside work I enjoy walking, attending exercise classes and working out at the gym. I also enjoy good food, fine wine and horseracing (spectating not riding!)

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