Stephanie Lake

Position: Active Travel Ambassador (South West) 

Year joined Modeshift : September 2022

Brief career history: 

I am a geographer through-and-through and since leaving education, I have always looked for opportunities where I can have the most impact– initially, that was through the renewable energy sphere and divestment campaigning, and now through advocating for active travel with Modeshift!

My previous role was working in project development for the Centre for Sustainable Energy based in Bristol, where I also worked on their youth environmental leadership programme. This, alongside volunteering at youth clubs, helped me to realise my love for communicating and encouraging young people from all backgrounds to care for and act on issues that matter to them.

I have always loved behaviour change initiatives. At University, I coordinated NUS’s “Switch off” Campaign, and I created my own MH campaign, which is still running today, and its success led me to win the Students Union’s outstanding achievement award.

Why did you join Team Modeshift?

Modeshift is a brilliant organisation whose collaboration with schools, local authorities and businesses is creating impressive change across the country.

I specifically loved how Modeshift’s ATA programme instigates pupil-led change, empowering them to take action on issues in their area whilst equipping them with life skills and attitudes to take into the future.

Achieving behaviour change, specifically in young people, is something that I find so inspiring and encouraging. I am excited to meet the young people where they are, helping inform them of the agency and autonomy they hold over local travel issues and empowering them to complete an impactful active travel campaign bespoke to their area.

Outside of Modeshift:

In my spare time, I am a board member for a divestment charity, I help run a local environmental People & Planet group, and of course, I love to get out on my bike! I’m also part of a netball team and generally love hosting and inviting people over for food. 

I’m originally from the Northwest, so I venture up north pretty often – taking trips to the Lakes and Snowdonia to go hiking and swimming as often as possible!

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