Sue O’Brien

Position: STARS Education representative

Year joined the Modeshift Board: 2021

Place of work: Hertfordshire County Council

Why did you join the Modeshift Board: I joined the Modeshift Board because I love all things Modeshift. I wanted to have the opportunity to work with and support Team Modeshift as the STARS Education Representative. This is  a professional and personnel achievement. I am passionate about health and wellbeing, active travel, and the impacts on the environment. When you work with a resistant school, and they notice a positive change from working on their Modeshift STARS travel plan to their school community, It is the best feeling to know that you have had an influence and helped the school make these changes not only for themselves but also for their local community.

Career history: I began my career at Hertfordshire County Council 14 years ago as a School Crossing Patrol before moving being appointed as a School Crossing Patrol Area Supervisor.  After a department restructure, I became a Road Safety Officer. This is where my Modeshift journey began. I delivered road safety initiatives into schools, promoted behaviour change campaigns and assisted schools with their Modeshift STARS travel plans.  Now, in my current role as Hertfordshire’s Modeshift STARS Lead Officer I manage, mentor and support the performance and development of our Sustainable Travel Officers, ensuring all the work of the team feeds directly into Modeshift STARS and Hertfordshire’s Strategies including our Local Transport Plan 4, our Active Travel Strategy, Sustainable Hertfordshire Strategy and our Sustainable Modes of Travel Strategy (SMoTS).

Personal: In my spare time I like to spend many hours walking with my 2 fur babies, going to concerts and swimming.

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