Ross Butcher

Position: Chair of Modeshift

Year joined the Modeshift Management Board: Member of the board since 2008. Vice-chair 2009-2011 and Chair since 2011

Place of work: Transport for London, joined in 2006, current position Active Travel Manager

Career history: I joined Transport for London in 2006 as a graduate transport planner and in 2007 completed a placement in the School Travel Plan team before joining the team Behaviour Change permanently in 2008. In 2018, I moved into the newly formed Customer Marketing and Behaviour Change team and currently managing a number of TfL’s marketing, comms and behaviour change projects on Active Travel. Prior to working in transport, I served as a director at a number of summer camps in the USA.

Why did you join the Modeshift Management Board: When I applied to join the board in 2008, I was keen to develop my wider knowledge and experience in sustainable travel and learn new skills. I never for one moment thought it would take me where I am today. As Chair of Modeshift I have overseen the change and expansion of the entire organisation, with the launch of Modeshift STARS, accredited training courses and more events than I can ever remember. I have also played a key role in a European best practice sharing programme, written several articles and in 2018 I received a lifetime achievement award from everyone at Modeshift. I love giving my time to this great organisation that focuses solely on growing levels of sustainable travel and I look forward to giving many more years of my time and leadership.

Outside of Modeshift: I love to spend time in the great outdoors. If I’m not canoeing or hiking, I’m foraging, bird watching, hunting from mushrooms, swimming in the sea or climbing a volcano! And when it comes to foraging, I’m getting pretty good at making jams, chutneys and alcoholic infusions, especially Sloe Gin.

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