Station Travel Plans - A Best Practise Project

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Spotlight on a Winner 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards -

This week we look at 2018 National Sustainable Travel Awards Winner - Alison Holland - Brightkidz for Contribution to sustainable travel - Individual sponsored by Living Streets.

Balanceability Training Day: What to Expect

Copperfields Nursery had already received a five-bike Balanceability pack. So deputy manager Alison Coleman had the balance bikes. She had the helmets. She had an information pack, and she had a bag full of colourful equipment. But – having not been on a bike for years – she hadn’t got a clue what to do with it all. It was time to be a Balanceability Instructor. 
In September 2015, Alison Coleman, of Copperfields Nursery in Eastbourne, East Sussex, attended a one-day Balanceability Instructor training day. Alison is one of 77 members of staff from across 50 early-years settings who have accessed free training, resources and equipment to support them to be able to teach very young children to ride balance bikes (as part of a wider initiative funded by East Sussex County Council – Public Health). 

Dedicated Cycle Days - A Best Practice Project

Bristol Health Partners

Next Steps to Secondary School with Living Streets

Living Streets has recently launched our NEW Next Steps to Secondary School initiative, our new challenge for students transitioning to secondary school. It encourages 11 year olds to consider travel options for their new secondary school and encourages modes which are healthier and cleaner. This is really important at a time when 20% of Year 6 students are leaving primary school obese

Active Travel Resources for Schools and Brightkidz Summer Term Flyer

National Sustainable Travel Awards Spotlight - A Review of 2018

Best sustainable travel initiative - Education - Winners - City of York Council 

WOW News from Living Streets


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