Three Hackney Streets to close to support walking and cycling

Culture of Safe Scoooting - News from Scoot Fit

Scoot Fit is working with micromobility solutions provider Samocat to develop an automated and electric scooter sharing system in Manchester.  

Covid-19 Range - News from Brightkidz

World Champion cyclist shares his views - News from Room 9 Media

World Champion endurance cyclist Mark Beaumont talked to Room 9 Media about everything from his own cycling adventures to the practicalities of getting more people on their bikes as the lockdown eases.

Modeshift STARS – Effective Travel Plans for the return to work and school - free for the first 100 sites – save £150

Supporting social distancing

A few weeks ago I wrote about how LB Haringey has introduced a package of measures to support social distancing at town centres in the borough.  We are also looking at how we could support schools with social distancing.  We contacted the schools and asked them to complete a questionnaire which would help us determine what might be needed.

Renew your Modeshift Membership by 1st June

How Covid-19 has impacted work - news from a Modeshift Expert Advisor

Launch of Modeshift National Sustainable Travel Awards

The Modeshift Management Board are pleased to announce the launch of this year’s National Sustainable Travel Awards.

E-scooter consultation

The Government is seeking views on the proposed regulatory changes to allow e-scooter trials to begin. These changes will set the rules for e-scooters and their users. We are running trials as we assess whether e-scooters should be legalised in the UK.


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