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We’ve used batteries our whole lives, from phones to toothbrushes, they’re everywhere. But while the battery might be relatively old tech, only now could it be set to revolutionise the way we move.

Electric car technology is still more expensive than internal combustion engines, but e-scooter and e-bike sales have been surging as people seek socially-distanced, Covid compliant modes of transport. E-mobility is set for more rapid expansion this year.

Well before we’d even heard of the coronavirus, what were primary considerations when it came to travel?

According to new data, time to destination, convenience, price, privacy and avoiding congestion all ranked higher than risk of infection. Unsurprisingly, following the Covid-19 outbreak, risk of infection is now the primary reason people choose mode of transport.

This has produced an increase in private car use, but is also producing a boom in walking, cycling, and micromobility services.

As well as stopping the spread of infection, climate change has a big part to play too. Upcoming bans on the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles have already been put in place by many countries, with many more expected to join.

The time for green, covid-compliant transport, then, seems straightforward. But it’s not without obstacles.

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