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Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023: Speaker Spotlight

As our Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023 approaches, rescheduled for the 26 April, we’re taking a closer look at some of our speakers.

This week we asked not one, but two of our speakers (they are presenting together) to tell us more about their presentation and also answer our ‘quick fire getting to know our speaker questions’:

Christine Hamshere, Leeds City Council & Kate Peel, Optima Travel Planning Consultancy, will present Successful residential travel planning in Session 3: Switching journeys from home – Securing, monitoring and accrediting Residential Travel Plans

Favourite travel mode? 

Christine: Electric bike.

Kate: I’d like to say aeroplane, but I’ll go for running!

Favourite journey?

Christine: Seeing London by boat from the Thames.

Kate: The bus from Croatia to Montenegro on my summer holiday.

Favourite biscuit?

Christine: Any!

Kate: Chocolate digestive (specifically a milk one!).

Presentation Summary: Successful residential travel planning in Leeds

The presentation will include a case study showing a successful residential travel plan site  -Redrow’s Aspen Park, Garforth, Leeds and will cover:

  • An overview of Leeds City Council’s approach to securing Residential Travel Plan Funds for new residential developments via Section 106 Agreements, backed up by policy in the recently updated and adopted Transport Supplementary Planning Document,
  • Background information on accessibility, modal shift targets, promotion methods and the role of the Travel Plan Coordinator, Residential Travel Plan Fund (RTPF) measures and the development of a bespoke offer with Northern Rail, 
  • Outcomes and lessons learned for the case study. This will include a real-world account from the appointed Travel Plan Coordinator of how they successfully promoted the Residential Travel Plan Fund offers to residents, achieved a quick and full uptake of the funded measures, modal shift results, feedback from residents and lessons learned.

There’s still time to book your place at the conference. Don’t delay – book today! 

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