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Team Modeshift Honorary Membership – Spotlight

We asked Honorary Member Faith Coles, from Project Centre a few questions to get to know her better.

Each year,  we recognise a number of members that been involved in supporting and sharing best practice or volunteering for Modeshift and support our objectives by granting Team Modeshift Honorary Membership status.

We asked Honorary Member Faith Coles, from Project Centre a few questions to get to know her better:

Place of work:

Project Centre, I’m based in the London office with great views of the Thames, Tower Bridge and the Tower of London.

What is your role within your organisation?

I’m an Associate in the Communications and Engagement Team. I design and deliver public engagement activities across all sorts of areas including sustainable and active travel.

How long have you been working in this industry?

I’ve been working in transport and behaviour change for 14 years now.

When did your Team Modeshift journey begin?

When I moved to London in 2013 and started working for Hackney Council on their STARS Europe programme. Modeshift (Nick and Ross) were an expert advisor to the European partners working on the project.

Why do you believe it is important to promote active and sustainable travel?

I have always been an advocate for active and sustainable travel, going all the way back to my childhood where my mum would walk everywhere with my sister and I, we definitely racked up some miles on foot. I then went on to study Geography in Uni, further reinforcing my values around sustainability, and leading me into this industry. I’ve met many a fellow geographer along the way so it’s clearly a subject that appeals to the environmentally minded amongst us. Ultimately, I believe that one of the biggest ways we can help preserve our world is by driving less, so encouraging and enabling others to use active and sustainable travel where they can seems pretty important to me.

What’s next, how do you plan on getting there, and by when?

I’m lucky to work in a dynamic and ever-changing role so currently I’m just focusing on the next challenge and seeing where it takes me.

Team Modeshift Honorary Membership is a lifetime title that is granted to individuals that have made an outstanding contribution to the development and expansion of the organisation, and/or the implementation of its aims and objectives. Their contributions locally, regionally and nationally over a significant period of time will have played some part in raising the profile of our shared objectives and ensured that the work of Modeshift is recognised by others outside of their respective organisation.

New members will be announced at our 2023 AGM.

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