In June of this year, the South Yorkshire STARS Team launched their own YouTube channel to provide fun, interactive educational videos to teach children the benefits of active travel and road safety.

The channel also provides video guides for school champions on how to use the Modeshift STARS website and achieve accreditation. The video lessons are a great resource for schools to use as assemblies and classroom sessions, and they contain demonstrations, challenges, discussion points and activities to help children engage with the topic.

With schools regularly sending bubbles home to self-isolate, online video lessons are also a useful resource to include in home learning packs. Each video meets at least one travel or supporting initiative helping schools on their journey to STARS accreditation.

Currently there are 3 video lessons available

  1. Clean Air and Active Travel
  2. The Health Benefits of Active Travel
  3. Crossing the Road Safely with Mr Potato Head

Follow the work of the team on Twitter at: @SY_STARSAwards

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