The 30th Disability Awareness Day is on 12th September.

Disability Awareness Day is a yearly event that aims to spread information and promote services that are available to help disabled people to live more independently.

It was founded by the Warrington Disability Partnership in 1991 when Dave Thompson became ‘frustrated by the professionally focussed Independent Living Exhibitions and the exclusive atmosphere that surrounded Disability Sports Festivals’ and decided to host an event that focussed on promoting information and available services that would help disabled people to live more independently. Over the years the event has grown in the UK and globally, there has been a great deal of coverage recognising the achievements of this event in newspapers and radio shows.

Organise your own Disability Awareness Day

Wheely Fun Wheels Ltd is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire and is run by Alastair Meikle who was raised in Chesterfield and after leaving school spent 30 years working for the Civil Aviation Authority and National Air Traffic Services. One of a very few people who regularly cycled to work at the London Air Traffic Control Centre! Following his decision to leave air traffic control he spent a year touring Europe in a motorhome with his family and bicycles before relocating back to Chesterfield and starting Wheely Fun Wheels. Alastair was the winner of the national Modeshift award in 2017 ‘Individual Contribution to Sustainable Travel’ and in 2019 delivered practical training workshops at the national Bikeability conference.

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