Week 7 of our interviews featuring each of our Board Members.  This week you can find out more about Heather Bolton, Modeshift’s Treasurer.

How long have you been involved in sustainable travel?

I have been involved in sustainable transport since 2003 when I joined Stoke on Trent City Council on 1st April 2003! (No joke!). I completed a MSc in Pollution Management, so this was my first job in transport following achieving that qualification.

What have you most enjoyed about your job?

Variety! It is never dull. At the moment, transport is top of everyone’s agenda and there is so much going on.

What are you working on now and what’s next?

There is lots going on at the moment. We are currently reviewing the Council’s Cycling & Walking Strategy, and have just launched a 10 week consultation. This will feed into the Local Transport Plan review and plans for the new funding we’ve been awarded for sustainable travel.

What do you like about being on the Modeshift Board?

Knowing that we are making a difference for those working in the sustainable transport field. Modeshift give officers working in this area of transport opportunities to gain further knowledge, and share best practice which will ultimately improve lives for everyone.

Explanation for the photo… “I love a good art trail. They get you out exploring and walking! This is me with Shaun the Sheep from the Tale of two cities trail back in 2015. My family and I have done many more walking trails since then, so if you see one give it a go!

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