As more and more people return to the office, it’s a great time to promote active travel and help your

employees commute by bike. Encouraging staff to cycle is an easy way for them to improve their personal

health and can lead to an increase in work productivity.


Register your workplace for Cycle September and build morale by bringing your team together to work on

a common goal – competing against other organisations in the area!


It doesn’t matter if staff are in the workplace, working from home, working full time or part-time. They can bike

anywhere any time throughout September to take part – even a 10-minute ride around the park counts! If

they don’t have a bike they can hire a West Midlands Cycle Hire bike to join in too!


Last year over 56,000 riders from 3,215 businesses took part, and this year is going to be bigger and better.

There are prizes to be won and leaderboards that are split by size and industry – so even if your team is

small, you can still aim for the top spot.


Cycle September is a free, fun and engaging program that we are offering to all businesses so we can

work together to achieve our health, wellness and sustainability goals. Find out more and register your

business at

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