Bishop Wood Church of England school, Tring, has encouraged pupils to be more active on journeys and have achieved some outstanding results. 95% of children now get to school by walking, scooting and cycling every day.

The children have learned about the negative impact that cars have on the local environment, creating congestion, pollution and toxic air quality.

Cllr Phil Bibby, Executive Member, Highways & Transport, Said: “Everyone will benefit from making the decision to leave the car at home, and walk, cycle or use public transport more.

“I am proud that these young people are leading the way, post pandemic, in finding ways to stay safe, reduce toxic air pollution and look after their local environment.”

Janet Reeve, teacher and Travel Plan Champion, has been leading on the project and working towards making the school more sustainable since 2015.

The school community have so far achieved some well-deserved awards. They received their first Gold Modeshift STARS accreditation in 2015 and are now the first school in Hertfordshire to be awarded a Platinum Modeshift STARS accreditation. There are only 8 platinum accredited schools in the UK.

In recognition of their achievements the school has been nominated for a National STARS Travel Award.

There are currently 90 accredited schools in Hertfordshire, two are in Tring.

If schools would like to sign up to the Modeshift travel plan scheme to encourage active, sustainable travel , go to:

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