Sarah Byrne received the Silver Certificate surrounded by some of the children who took part in the fun skills cycling session image

Helping to get the wheels in motion for the under 7s in Hertford

Since 2021 the Ware Reuse Shop has kindly donated 29 bikes to Hollybush Primary School in Hertford, allowing children access to them to enjoy the fun and benefits that cycling brings.  Having access to these bikes has seen an increase in the number of children riding and developing a love for cycling.

To provide some formal training Bikeability Instructors, Mike and Tina from Hertfordshire Cycling recently visited the school to deliver a fun skills cycling session. A total of 33 children from years 1 and 2 took part. The session involved fun games, which helped the children improve their overall control of the bikes and helped prepare them for future Bikeability training sessions.

The fun skills began with an ABC bike check, checking the tyres have Air, the Brakes work, and the Chain is moving well.  The children were shown how to adjust their saddle heights.  Next up was the real fun stuff, using games the children were shown how to set off safely, how to steer and use their brakes to help them to slow down.  The instructors set up a Bike Slalom and a Bean Bag Drop Zone which caused lots of excitement.  Finally, the children took part in a slow race, proving they could balance and be in total control, the last rider across the line was congratulated.  They also enjoyed playing Starburst and Follow the Leader on bikes.

Maisie, a year 1 pupil told instructors “It’s been brilliant”

Mrs Valerie Noon, Head Teacher commented “It has been amazing to work with the wider community and Ware Recycling Centre. The bikes that have been provided have enabled us to teach many of our children to learn to ride, an opportunity that they may not have had had it not be for the generosity of Ware recycling centre”

Lucy Hunter, Cycling Officer – Education said “the children looked like they had great fun and have learnt a lot without realising it, our team are looking forward to coming back next term to see the year 6 children for their Bikeability Level 2”

Hollybush Primary School, have done an excellent job of promoting and encouraging active travel, including cycling, to all their children. In doing so they have recently been awarded a Modeshift Accreditation for a Very Good Travel Plan (Silver). The school have achieved a reduction in car use for journeys to and from school.

This is a fantastic achievement and with access to the extra bikes and Bikeability training, it will help the children travel actively on school journeys and assist the school in achieving their Excellent Travel Plan (Gold) Modeshift Accreditation.

Hertfordshire County Council are committed to achieving a Cleaner, Greener, Hertfordshire

Photo:  Sarah Byrne received the Silver Certificate surrounded by some of the children who took part in the fun skills cycling session

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