Modeshift at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking

Emily Sykes, Nick Butler and Emily Cherry at the All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking

Modeshift’s Emily Sykes, Nick Butler and Emily Cherry, The Bikeability Trust’s CEO

This week (Monday 29 April) our Business Director, Nick Butler and Modeshift STARS Active Travel Ambassadors Manager ATA  Emily Sykes spoke at All Party Parliamentary Group for Cycling & Walking on the subject ‘Walking and Cycling to School’.

The pair joined speakers from Bikeability Trust and Living Streets and discussed Modeshift’s Active Travel Ambassadors (ATA) Programme – Our programme funded by Active Travel England and delivered in partnership with The Bikeability Trust.


Emily Sykes and Nick Butler selfie with Big Ben in the background

A 2022 National Travel Survey revealed just 41% of pupils aged 11-16 walk to school and just 6% cycle.  And, with just 35 secondary schools gaining a STARS accreditation between 2008 – 22, Modeshift identified a clear need to develop a new offer and approach for secondary schools – the ATA programme was born! This project aims to increase sustainable travel, promote Level 3 Bikeability Training, School Travel Plans & Modeshift STARS accreditation.

To date there are 15 Local Authorities and 75 participating schools – that’s a huge 759 amazing Active Travel Ambassadors in the programme.

You can watch the whole ‘Walking and cycling to school’ meeting here:  where Emily and Nick talk through the successes of the programme and the 3.3% increase in sustainable travel modes within the schools we’re working with.

ATA Modal shift results. Bar chart image.




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