Modeshift will be introducing an inspiring Active Travel Champion each week throughout Black History Month to celebrate every day people inspiring every day journeys.

A celebration of walking and cycling during Black History Month and beyond!

This week we meet Daniel Kamere, Active Travel Champion


Tell us about you and your active journey, who you are, where you live and whether you are heels or wheels! ?

My name is Daniel Kamere. I am a road racer for TrainSharp Development Team and part
of Islington Cycling Club. I live in Lewisham and I am mostly wheels all year round.

Where do you roll? How far is the journey, where do you go, how often and who with and do you have a favourite journey, destination or route?

My journey just started and it does not have a defined end yet as I believe that there’s
always just a bit more that can be achieved. I like to enjoy the journey with my cycling
friends who take me to all sorts of places to ride e.g: Cotswolds,Chiltern Hills, Cornwall, Peak
district, Lake district and many more. I always enjoy the once in a while Sunday brunches
where after a good, fairly challenging ride, we have a nice breakfast near Richmond park.
My favourite journey so far (not travelled to many places) is the Peak District and my
favourite route happens to be one in Epping Forest. I enjoy views and my love for hills makes
it easier for me to climb to places with the best of the best.

What motivates you to ride? When did it all start? Why do travel this way? Is there someone who inspires you and how does it make you feel?

It all started in December 2018 after my uncle invited me to go on a ride with him and
lent me one of his bikes to ride. Being new to London, it was an amazing opportunity to
view the city and get to know the area around me without spending much money. With time
I realised that it got easier and I could go further.  I cycle to race, remain fit, relieve stress and enjoy scenery. This is a key part of my life as it provides balance and gives me joy.

What motivates me is the fact that I am privileged to do what I can do i.e Ride my bike as
fast I can, be young and have a real desire and potential to make something out of this
ability.  Not everyone is privileged to have it all but I have most therefore shouldn’t take it for

How do you champion the cause?  What words of encouragement or advice would you give someone to follow in your tyre tracks?

1. Surround yourself with people who you want to become more like and who have achieved
your goals e.g: Done 100miles or travelled the world; whether big or small the goal. That not
only gives you a sense of direction but also makes it easier to gain knowledge from the
lessons and experiences they have learned that can help you get to your goals easier and/or
2. Keep an open mind. Everyday is a learning day and trying new things can sometimes help
you discover things you are good at and interested in.
3. Have fun. Enjoy the journey and trust the process.
4. Be kind and humble. Some people you meet for a reason, some for a season, others for a
lifetime. Treating everyone with kindness allows some people to share their knowledge or
resources with you and of course friendships.
5. Dream big. Don’t limit your goals with the limited resources around you or the much you

How do you make the time?

Since I find cycling interesting and fun, I always find it easy to sacrifice other things like watching TV
or naps so as to train and ride. Also on the weekends I like to focus on things that free my mind.
Therefore during the week I ensure I work hard and remain disciplined in my work and school work
to ensure I will have the weekend to enjoy cycling.  Moreover, I wake up early and train before I head to work. I find it easier to wake up early to ride my
bike than to go to work.

Lastly, investing in relevant equipment such as an indoor turbo trainer saves me a lot of time as it is
easier to do a quality 30 min session on it than a 30 minutes outdoor with traffic and all other

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