Pindar Creative and award-winning information designer, Atelier Christian Mariacher, have collaborated on a route map for a new cycle path in Tyrol, Austria.

To date, four and a half million euros have been invested in the Stubai Cycle Path which, when complete, will be around 35 kilometres long and extend from Falbeson to Mutters where it will connect with a cycle path to Innsbruck.

Surrounded by 80 glaciers and 109 three-thousand-meter peaks, the Stubai Valley offers year-round activities which include hiking, skiing and cycling. The three-meter wide cycle path has a gentle height gain of 600m along its length, making it ideal for novice cyclists and those cycling with children, enabling cyclists to take in the stunning 360º views. Christian Mariacher is working with a local architect, Thomas Mathoy, to design stop-off points that will feature the map alongside cycle parking, resting places and information on the local area.

Find out more in the link below:

Route map for new cycle path, Austria | News from Pindar Creative (Sustainable Travel Publicity Experts)



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