Act TravelWise are holding a free online event on the 10th November @12:00pm with the University of Leeds.

Read on to find out more and register, we hope to see you on the 10th November.

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Transport Risk Assessment for Covid Knowledge (TRACK) Project online event Tickets, Wed 10 Nov 2021 at 12:00 | Eventbrite

Transport Risk Assessment for Covid Knowledge (TRACK) Project online event with speakers from the University of Leeds

A lot of work has already taken place to ensure public transport is safe to use during the pandemic. The TRACK research project will further increase our understanding of how to make sure public transport is as safe as possible for all users from viruses such as Covid-19. Funded by Department for Transport and UKRI, TRACK aims to understand the residual risks of Covid-19 transmission on public transport (bus, trains, and METRO) and to consider the best measures to control it further. This involves surveying the travel and behaviour of people on transport systems: where they go, which routes they use, which stops they get on and get off at. Using this information the research will measure how travel behaviour changes in different situations, over time, and with crowding.

Track Survey

In this online session, Professor Susan Grant-Muller, Andrew Tomlinson, Dr Yuanxuan Yang and Rosie Samuel will introduce the TRACK Project, provide an overview of Work Package 3 (User behaviour and demographics) data collection methods, followed by a discussion of ongoing recruitment efforts and how stakeholders can get involved.


Professor Susan Grant-Muller – Co-Investigator for the TRACK Project, University of Leeds

Susan will provide an introduction to the TRACK project and discuss the University of Leeds’ work packages and data collection ( and how this fits in this with the wider project (

Andrew Tomlinson – TRACK Project Researcher, University of Leeds

Andrew will discuss the TRACK Project’s ongoing household surveys, e-surveys and on-board public transport surveys, including work undertaken so far and preliminary findings.

Dr Yuanxuan Yang – TRACK Project Researcher, University of Leeds

Yang will provide an overview of the project’s app data and wristband data, with a short demonstration of data insights and how these are used by the TRACK project.

Rosie Samuel – TRACK Project Research & Recruitment, University of Leeds

Rosie will discuss the project’s efforts to recruit, including how stakeholders can get involved with the project, what we ask of stakeholders, and support available for participants.

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