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Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023: Speaker Spotlight

As our Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023 approaches, rescheduled for the 26 April, we’re taking a closer look at some of our speakers.

Tony Duckenfield, Behavioural Science Practitioner, Beyond Logic Consulting

Tony will be presenting in Session 1: Supporting the switch – gaining an understanding of why and how people travel

We asked Tony to tell us more about his presentation and also answer our ‘quick fire getting to know our speaker questions’:

Favourite travel mode? 

Train (but only when I get a seat and it’s on time!)

Favourite journey?

The journey to Norway by cruise ship (but the journey back was my least favourite – there was a Force 9 storm).

Favourite biscuit?

Ginger nut.

Presentation Summary: What it takes to achieve mode shift from car

This presentation will look at what it takes to achieve mode shift from car to active travel and public transport and will draw particularly on my experience with Transport for London (TfL). It will include ‘switchable trips analysis’ and evidence  provided to the Roads Task Force, along with a very recent/current study for West Yorkshire Combined Authority examining bus behaviour change. Alongside the practical experience will be the theoretical underpinning provided by Behavioural Science.  

There’s still time to book your place at the conference. Don’t delay – book today! 

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