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  • “Hi All,
    Here at Brighton & Hove City Council we are revamping our workplace travel survey questionnaires.
    Traditionally we’ve used questions on walking, cycling and sustainable travel. And have used incentives to get employers and employees to engage.
    As COVID has made working from home a much more viable option for many people now, are other Local Authorities building in a “Working from Home” set of questions into their (your) Workplace travel survey questionnaires?
    It’d be handy to hear from other LAs and know what your approach is to workplace travel survey questionnaires and incentivising.
    Also, do you think that survey questionnaires are still relevant? And do you think that employers and employees are feeling “survey out?”
    Looking forward to hearing from people! Daniel@Brighton & Hove City Council


  • Has anyone used Modeshift STARS Portal for a large scale Train Station Passenger Travel Plan, and are there any ideas on carrying out a passenger survey? Any examples would be much appreciated.  Carol@Luton 

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