New addition to #TeamModeshift

Paul Hamilton  joins Team Modeshift as our Modeshift STARS Specialist

Paul Hamilton joined Modeshift earlier this month taking on the role of Modeshift Stars System Specialist.  Paul’s background is predominantly Information Technology and data analysis based with his first role being in IT support and then Support manager at Darlington Memorial Hospital back in the days when computer screens where referred to as Green (not an Eco reference!).

He then had various roles mainly related to data analysis working across the UK and overseas working for small consultancies and then larger private business systems providers including Capita PLC and more recently working as Technical Services Sales Manager for One Advanced Software.  After being made redundant from this role during Covid, Paul and his wife decided to take the leap and started a home care service looking after elderly people helping them retain their independence living in their own homes.

Whilst this was a complete change of career, it was extremely rewarding and satisfying seeing the positive impact good care could bring to people in our area and their families  They decided to sell the Care business in early 2024 and after taking a short break, Paul began to look for a new role and was fortunate to find a technical role that suited him and skill set where he felt he could make a positive contribution.

Welcome to #TeamModeshift Paul.

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