Culture change is vital to encourage employees to get onto their bikes – and start to enjoy the health, wellbeing and environmental benefits


Cycle to work schemes offer employers and employees a raft of benefits. 1. Save money Typically, organisations can save 13.8% of the total value of salary sacrifice because of reductions in the amount of National Insurance Contributions due. 2. Fitter, healthier staff – improved productivity.

Why does this matter? It’s long been known that cycling to work benefits employers and workers alike. According to the European Cycle Federation, a commuter who switches from car to bike for an 8km commute saves 750kg of carbon emissions annually. For larger organisations, this could add up to significant cuts in Scope Three emissions (indirect emissions from third parties). Meanwhile, studies have linked cycling to work with a 41% lower risk of premature death and a 45% reduction in cancer risk, while regular exercise can help ward off depression.

Read the full article in this link:- How employers can go up a gear to boost commuting by pedal power – Raconteur

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