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Dear Members,

Back in March of this year, Act TravelWise Members voted in favour of an acquisition, by Modeshift, to manage its services. I was given the opportunity to meet many of you in April on a webinar to tell you more about Modeshift and what the 2022/23 Membership year has in store for Act TravelWise and Modeshift as they come together.

Modeshift, from a legal perspective, has now completed the acquisition of Act TravelWise. Existing Act TravelWise board members have transitioned over to Modeshift. Ian Skinner has joined the Board as our Strategy and Planning Executive. Don Kent, Gill Hunt and Kate Pangbourne are all Associates Members, supporting our range of member services. The vast majority of Act TravelWise Members have renewed and our focus now is to grow the member base and deliver high quality services to you.

By default, your organisation is now a Member of Modeshift. To review the full range of benefits, including your Act TravelWise services, local authorities should review the attached ‘Modeshift Membership Flyer 22/23’, whilst all other organisations should review the ‘Corporate Members Flyer 22/23’.

Corporate Members flyer 22_23

Modeshift Membership Flyer_22_23

I want to use this opportunity to share some other important updates:

  • We have recruited a member of staff to be your main contact for the membership services you receive from Modeshift. will be back from leave in September and has extensive experience in sustainable travel delivery working at Bristol City Council and volunteering as a Board member for Modeshift
  • To receive the full suite of member services including a weekly news digest, opportunities to send us news articles and free job postings you need to register to the Modeshift website. All your colleagues can now register for the Modeshift Members’ website which includes the Members’ Forum, case studies and resources. Please spread the word and make sure everyone is signed up using the following link –
  • Soon, will you hear about the autumn webinar series programme and you will receive resources to take part in TravelWise week
  • You are invited to attend the Modeshift AGM on November 1st 16:30-17:30 (online presentation with a registration link to follow) to hear about future fee and member services proposals
  • You are also welcome to purchase discounted tickets to attend our two-day convention sponsored by BetterPoints on November 3rd and 4th at the Leicester City Athena – more information can be found here –
  • We are looking at options for an in person TravelWise Conference and awards event early next year

I said back in April it’s a pleasure to be working with more transport professionals and I want to end by thanking you for your patience and putting your trust in Modeshift.

Best wishes

Ross Butcher  

National Chair

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