Ian Skinner

Position: Strategy and Planning Executive.

Year joined the Modeshift Management Board: 2022

Place of work: : Independent consultant working through my company Transport and Environmental Policy Research (TEPR).

Career history: After finishing my PhD in the implementation of sustainable transport policy at University College London in 1998, I worked at the Institute for European Environmental Policy for nine years. I started in IEEP’s London office as a Research Officer on transport and climate change policy, before becoming a Research Associate and spending a year at IEEP’s Brussels office. In 2007 I joined AEA Technology (the predecessor of Ricardo Energy & Environment) as a Principal Consultant working in the sustainable transport team. I left AEA in 2009 to work as an independent consultant through my company TEPR, where I work on various different aspects of low carbon and sustainable transport policy.

Why did you join the Modeshift Management Board:

I joined the Modeshift Board, as a result of Modeshift’s acquisition of Act TravelWise in 2022. I had joined Act TravelWise’s Board in 2019, where I acted as Treasurer. I joined Act TravelWise’s board as I wanted to work towards giving a higher profile for sustainable and active travel in the UK. I felt that cycling and walking, and to a lesser extent public transport, were not given sufficient profile or policy attention (at least until recently). With Modeshift, I want to continue to improve the profile of sustainable and active travel in the UK, particularly in the context of addressing transport’s contribution to climate change.     

Outside of Modeshift:

I live on the South Coast and love walking, cycling and relaxing by the sea, as well as on the South Downs. I also enjoy eating out and visiting galleries and exhibitions in both Brighton and London offer. At home, I enjoy reading and listening to music. I play football and badminton, when I can, and also practice tai chi.

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