The Bikeability Trust publishes  changes and guidance to The Highway Code in their recent newsletter



You will be aware of the upcoming changes to The Highway Code. We have been working closely with the Department for Transport to advise and support these changes.


The Department for Transport have now released their press notice. You can read it, including a quote from our CEO Emily Cherry, here.


This means we can now share our guidance. It is important to remember that the national standard for cycle training has not changed. The Highway Code now better reflects the national standards and Bikeability cycle training.


As a result, we have updated the Bikeability delivery guide to reflect these changes. This involves a small number of changes, which are outlined in The Highway Code Addendum. We have also created a simplified one page document, explaining what The Highway Code means for Bikeability. This summarises the changes and gives examples of how to explain them to your pupils.

You can find all the documentation on the delivery guides section of our website.

You can also read our full response to the Department for Transport’s press notice on our blog.


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