The Active Travel Ambassadors programme is underway! Over the past 2-years, Modeshift has been developing and testing a new suite of Active Travel  Ambassador resources for secondary schools to boost participation in the Modeshift STARS programme and grow levels of active travel.

The scheme involves training, resourcing, and supporting students to deliver actions in the school, to their peers and teachers. This approach is welcomed by teachers, it contributes to studentleadership skills and academic results. Over the course of a school year, with the support
from designated staff, Active Travel Ambassador (ATA) teams research and develop behaviour change campaigns focussing on active travel, road safety and improving passenger experience.

In March 2022 Modeshift, in partnership with The Bikeability Trust, was awarded funding by the Department for Transport to deliver a pilot National Active Travel Academies programme across England as a means to increase walking and cycling levels and encourage more secondary schools to produce a Modeshift STARS Accredited Travel Plan.

ATA Pilot scheme

Modeshift will deliver a new Active Travel Ambassadors pilot scheme that will provide secondary schools with a package of measures to offer pupils the skills, information and motivation to walk and/or cycle to school and for future Using the Active Travel Ambassadors youth engagement model.

Modeshift has recruited 5 ATA Coordinators who will work with selected secondary schools to recruit between 6 and 12 Active Travel Ambassadors (ATAs) to deliver behaviour change campaigns to their peers, over the course of an academic year. Campaign initiatives can include themed assemblies, walking and cycling competitions and community events.

In order to give ATA groups the opportunity to develop and deliver effective campaigns they will be given the opportunity to present and receive feedback from transport professionals via a Dragons Den style event. Students will have the opportunity to pitch for funding of up to £250 to support their campaign ideas.

We will be introducing the new Active Travel Ambassador Coordinators over the next few weeks who are already busy meeting with schools and making excellent progress, we will keep you updated with their progress.

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