COP26 is coming up at the end of October, with how we can be kinder to our environment and live more sustainability expected to lead the conversation whilst the world’s leaders gather in Glasgow to discuss climate change. It’s a fantastic time to engage trainees in conversation about how cycling is one of the most eco-friendly forms of transport and how cycles will play a big part in our more sustainable world.

Grant Funding Update

Monitoring delivery of places and funding claimed for 2021/22

We are now half way through the financial year and we are monitoring delivery of your grant allocations to ensure that targets are met and allocations are fulfilled.  Please ensure that you regularly add your training deliveries to Link and claim for your funding via Link as we are emailing all grant recipients who are not on track with logging delivery or submitting  claims.
If you believe that you are unable to deliver all of your allocation please contact to discuss any predicted underspend.
Additional Funding for 2021/22
We are aware of an increase in demand from schools in some areas.  If you are able to meet this demand and you would like to receive additional funding for 2021/22, you can request this via Link.
To request more funding, go to the Change Funding tab under your 2021/22 allocation. You will then be able to request how many more places you would like at each level or module.
If you need any support please contact

Financial Review 2020-2021
All grant recipients are required to keep financial information and records of delivery available for the Trust and the Department for Transport to review.
We will be contacting a small selection of grant recipients in the next two months to arrange a review of your the delivery and spend on Bikeability for the financial year 2020-21. Please ensure that your records and all information from outsourced training providers are readily available to us. Thank you.

After moving our conference online last year in response to Covid-19, we’re now looking ahead to 2022. And we’d love to hear from you so we can make the Bikeability conference as useful and as engaging for you as possible!

Please complete this survey by Friday 5 November to have your say on what you’d like to see at the conference. It should only take a couple of minutes and your feedback on the format of the conference is valuable to us

Complete survey

Sign Up: RPL Webinars

We are in the final stages of signing off the new RPL route, and as part of its introduction to instructors we will be holding two webinars on RPL on Wednesday 8 December. During the webinars you will be able to find out more about the new route and ask questions to the Trust’s development team.

Sign up for the 10am – 11:30am session. 

Sign up for the 6pm – 7:30pm session. 

Both webinars will cover the same content. Please register for one session only. This webinar will also be recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

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