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Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023: Speaker Spotlight

As our Modeshift TravelWise & STARS Business Conference 2023 approaches, rescheduled for the 26 April, we’re taking a closer look at some of our speakers.

Dr Patrick Utz, Research Manager, CoMoUK.

Dr Patrick Utz will be presenting in Session 5: Cycling & E-mobility – increasing sustainable journeys and trip-switching. 

We asked Dr Utz to tell us more about his presentation and also answer our ‘quick fire getting to know our speaker questions’:

Favourite travel mode? 


Favourite journey?

To the hospital, to pick up my new-born daughter.

Favourite biscuit?

Vanillekipferl (We looked this one up – German Vanilla Crescent Cookies – they sound delicious!)

Presentation Summary:

Driving mode shift through bike sharing: Insights from the CoMoUK 2022 Bike Share Survey 

Bike sharing has consistently been shown to replace trips in private vehicles. The bike share sector has also been growing substantially in the UK in recent years, and so has the number of active users and trips taken. However, bike sharing schemes also need to develop further to meet new needs and to become more inclusive, e.g. by meeting the increasing demand for e-bikes, cargo bikes and other specialized bikes. This presentation highlights the latest findings of the CoMoUK Annual Bike Share Survey 2022. Based on over 2000 responses, the presentation gives a comprehensive overview of bike sharing’s effect on transport modes, commuting, travel patterns and the intersections of shared and active travel in the UK. 

The CoMoUK Bike Share Survey collects representative primary data on attitudes and behaviours of users of active shared transport. These findings have wider implications for achieving behaviour change in individuals’ travel choices.

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