Cycleways and pathways in the UK have contributed towards £1.7 billion in local business benefits according to the Sustrans Paths for everyone: Three years on report.

The report also shows:

  • 72% of users stated the Network is their best option for transport, with 95% of using it for exercise.
  • The Network has seen greatly increased use by the public throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Since 2019, approximately 121 million more trips were taken on the Network than the previous year.
  • At the height of pandemic in 2020, the Network carried approximately 4.9 million users over 764.8 million trips.
  • In 2020,  3,733 miles of dangerous or inaccessible parts of the Network were removed or reclassified to create a safer and better-quality network overall.
  • 315 barriers were removed or redesigned to allow people using wheelchairs and buggies to access the Network.

To find out more and and read the full report visit Sustrans.




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