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We are delighted to introduce Peter Frost from Suffolk County Council who will be joining us at the Modeshift STARS Business Conference on 31st March at the Athena Conference Centre, Leicester.

Peter will be delivering sessions to our delegates on “Influencing Travel Behaviour.”

Having recently moved to local government, Peter now holds the position of Environment Strategy Officer for Suffolk County Council and is part of the Carbon Charter project.

This enables Small and Medium Enterprises all over Norfolk and Suffolk to access advice and accreditation, as well as grant funding towards cutting their carbon footprint and boosting their business through improved efficiency.  Peter is keen to spread the word about how companies can be at the forefront of the new paradigm of transport, and how society will change in the near future. As part of that he has been a key instigator of the ‘Plug in Suffolk’ programme to accelerate the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure across the county.

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