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Riding an electric bike drops heart and cancer risks, finds German study

study into the positive health effects of riding an electric bike has picked up traction in Germany’s press, highlighting the work of researchers at the Hannover Medical School who have concluded that, among other things, riding an electric bike regularly can drop the risk of a heart attack by 40%.

The Director of the Study, Uwe Tegtbur, expressed surprise at just how far the medical benefits discovered went in speaking to Der Spiegel, with whom he shared additional remarks not present in the published paper. Among the revelations making up the headline findings we are told that riding between 12 and 15 kilometres by electric bike daily would have a contributory effect of reducing cholesterol levels, dropping the risk of a fatty liver, lowering the chances of developing dementia or Alzheimer’s and very specifically dropping the risk of developing cancer by 30%, as well as chopping in half the risk of metabolic syndromes like obesity, heightened blood pressure and developing sugar or fat metabolism disorders.

There are some known knowns in the study, namely that a regular, enhanced heart rate north of 110 beats per minute will strengthen the cardiovascular system. As has been found previously, the differences in percentages of HRmax (max heart rate) were not miles apart. According to the data cyclists nudged just ahead of 65% of their HRmax, while electric bike riders were just below.

Of those taking part in this study that rate or above corresponds to between 60% and 80% of the maximum heart rate of participants, which Tegtbur told the paper means there is “no better training in the basic endurance range” than going by electric bike.

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