Person cycles past illustration of a van camouflaged into wall. Image credit: Matt Crossick/PA Media Assignments

Matt Crossick/PA Media Assignments Micromobilitybiz

Lime reimagines wasted car parking spaces after report recommends new e-bike parking rules for London

Lime is encouraging Londoners to re-imagine how inner city street spaces could be repurposed to meet growing cycle demand and solve the capital’s e-bike parking challenges through an illusion in Camden.

As Lime trip data shows, an inner London borough like Camden now records approximately 200,000 Lime rides per month, the temporary art installation – designed by 3D street art pioneers, 3D Joe and Max – sees a non-ULEZ compliant 2007 Peugeot Boxer van with more than 150,000 miles on the clock, transform into green space and bike parking as people walk past.

Lime is launching the artwork to bring to life recommendations from a new independent report by transport consultancy, Steer, and advised on by leading think-tank, Centre for London: Changing Spaces – How to solve London’s shared e-bike parking challenge (Pdf 13,546Kb)

It proposes potential solutions to the insufficient levels of parking locations and inconsistent parking requirements for rental e-bikes across London, as demand for the mode continues to grow exponentially.

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